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Li-Ion Battery for Gateway 400/450

Li-Ion Battery for Gateway 400/450
$149.00 $89.99

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    This is a New Replacement Product
Going on a trip and need extra run-time? Need to replace a spent notebook battery? This powerful 6-cell battery for the Gateway 400 can be used as a replacement for the original battery, or as a second battery for extended notebook usage when AC power is not available. Its high capacity enables hours of run-time. Don't let yourself be caught without power for your notebook when you need it. Get charged up with this high-quality notebook battery!

Compatible Models: Gateway 400SP, Gateway 400VTX, Gateway 450E, Gateway 450RGH, Gateway 450ROG, Gateway 450SP, Gateway 450SX4, Gateway 450X, Gateway 450XL, Gateway 400L, Gateway 400VSP, Gateway 400X.

Replaces part #s 6500711, 1528266, 61527196, 6500671, 6500710, 3UR18650F-2-QC-OA1A, 6500663, 6500716, 6500718, 6500719, 6500760, 6500761, 6500818, 6500819, 450SP, 450SX4, 450X, 450E, 450RGH, 450ROG, 450XL, SQU-203, 400VTX.

Product Specifications:

Rating 14.8V
Capacity: 4200mAh
Size: 5.30" x 3.87" x 0.79"
Color: Silver
Technology: Lit-Ion
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes

Manufacturer: Gateway
Product: Gateway 450ROG Replacement Li-Ion Battery for Gateway 400/450
Price: $149.00 $89.99

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