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Ni-MH Laptop battery DR36S

Ni-MH Laptop battery DR36S

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    This is a Brand New Ni-MH Replacement Battery for Acer
Rechargeable laptop Battery for ACER DR36S

Compatible Part Numbers:

ACER: DR36, DR36S .
DURACELL: DR36, EMC36, NJ1020, SL36, SMP36,

Compatible with the following:

ACER: SMP36, SL36, DR36, NJ1020, DR36, DR36, DR36, DR36S, DR36S, note A NOTEBOOK(SMART)
AST Ascentia: A, A40, A41, A42, A43, A51, A60, A60 PLUS, A70, M5XXX SERIES, M6000, M6XXX SERIES,
CANON Note Jet: Bn200, Bn700, Bn750, III, III CX SERIES P120 ,
CHEM Usa Chembook: 5400, 5580, 6800,
CHICONY: 1500,
CLEVO: 66, 82h, 86, 862, 863, 86a , 870, 873, 875, 96, 96h.
COMMAX: NB8600, Nb8600, Smartbook V,
CTX: Ezbook 800
DAEWOO: 7550 ,
DFI: Nb6600, Nb6620,
DURACELL: DR-36, DR-36S, br>EPSON VIVIDY Note: 510ED, 510et, 512ST, 513ST, Pro C, PRO CX,
HITACHI: Aquarius Athena ND1 SERIES, ND2 SERIES, Visionbook 133, Visionbook Plus , Visionbook Pro ,
IDP: Vagueru,
KAPOK: 6100, 6200, 6200a ,6200m, 6400m, 6800m, 7200, 7600, 7800,
KIWI: Opennote 820 ,
MAGITRONIC: 600, 610, 620 ,
MICROINTL: Mint6200,
MULTI MEDIA: Media Topline 86,
NTK: Submarine,
SAGER: Np6200, Np 6601862, Np8100, Np8300, Np8600 Pc-m200,
SAMSUNG: Sens Pro 500, SENS PRO 500,
SMART TEC: Greennote,
SYS-TECH: Ranger L-note,
TATUNG: Tnb5500, Tnb5600,
TIGER: Designote Gt,
vTJ TECHNOLO: Tekbook 822,
TRIGEM: 1100db, 210db, Gemlite 1075,

Product Specifications:

Battery Type: Ni-MH
Rating: 12V
Capacity: 4000.00mAh
Color: Black

Note: Li-ion and NiMH batteries are not interchangeable
Manufacturer: Acer
Product: Ni-MH Laptop battery DR36S
Price: $149.99

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